providing you with the tools and education to adequately understand female physiology and properly fuel yourself.

I am are proud to offer exceptional care, through patience, empathy and education. Let me support you through your journey every step of the way through detailed and comprehensive memberships.

Functional testing

We know that the body works synergistically, not independently. So we use functional testing methods to identify and treat the root causes of your symptoms. Through blood, saliva, urine, stool, hair or breath, we can use personalised lab testing is one of the many tools we use to further investigate & individualise an effective treatment plan.

Blood Analysis

We work alongside western blood work to provide us with information about organs. This can include blood glucose, calcium, electrolytes, liver, inflammation markers, kidney function and more. Often these are used in conjunction with symptoms, and or to better determine further functional testing or used alongside functional testing.

Meal plans

We use highly thought out plant based meal plans to ensure over 30 micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are met, increasing diversity to recolonise the gut microbiome, increase your gut tolerance to higher levels of insoluble and soluble fibre. As well as ensuring it is palatable and fits within your lifestyle. We focus on regulating blood sugar, meal timing & food pairing and a whole foods low inflammatory intake to address & treat your health concerns.


Optimising your results with a personalised training regime that is updated every 4 weeks (gym or at home) , daily movement output recommendations, and circadian rhythm fine tuning.


We don’t just tell you what to do, we explain and educate WHY. It’s our mission to have women feel confident in their treatment plans & have the ability to provide education to their peers, colleagues, daughters & nieces. With monthly education calls as well as over 50 hours of lectures & presentations available at your finger tips including; menopause, blood sugar, mental health, gut health, hormones and more.


We are blessed to have the most amazing and diverse community of women. With real stories and hardship. These women GET IT. Often your health journey can feel isolating when those around you don’t understand your chronic fatigue, mental health, endometriosis or difficulty in weight loss. Surround yourself with a group of strong supportive women who understand what you are going through.


12 month personalised total reset membership

$219 | P/W


  • Monthly Community Calls
  • Personalised Exercise Plan
  • Educational resources to expand your knowledge around physiology and female health
  • Weekly Check ins + Weekly Meal Plan
  • Fortnightly 1:1 Zoom Call
  • Large Range of Testing included in price (no additional charges)
  •  Prescriptions at a lifetime discounted cost 
  • Inher Health Courses free of charge
  • Hands on 24/7 accountability and mentoring
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Hormone Rehab Membership

Functional Testing Included | 10 month term

$169 | P/W

  • Monthly Community Calls
  • Personalised Exercise Plan
  • Educational resources to expand your knowledge around physiology and female health
  • Hormone University free of charge
  • Fortnightly Check ins + Fortnightly Meal Plan 
  • Monthly 1:1 Zoom Call
  • Prescriptions 

Following functional tests included in costs

  • MICROBIOME testing
  • ADRENAL (stress) testing
  • THYROID testing
  • SEX HORMONE testing
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Maintenance Membership

8 week minimum then ongoing

$99 | P/W

  • Monthly Community Calls
  • Personalised Exercise Plan
  • Educational resources to expand your knowledge around physiology and female health
  • Fortnightly Check ins + Fortnightly Meal Plan
  • Bi-Monthly 1:1 Zoom Call
  • Prescriptions



Personalised Genetic Membership

Genetic DNA Testing Included | 8 month term

$155 | P/W

  • Monthly Community Calls
  • Personalised Exercise Plan 
  • Educational resources to expand your knowledge around physiology and female health
  • Monthly Check ins + Monthly Meal Plan 
  • Monthly 1:1 Zoom Call
  • Monthly educational video on genetic findings 
  • Prescriptions 

Following DNA genetic test included in costs

Month one: Digestion
Month Two: Energy
Month Three: Hormones
Month Four: Stress & Cognitive Performance
Month Five: Inflammation
Month Six: Athletic Performance
Month Seven: DNA Protection & Repair
Month Eight: Detoxification

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my professional focus


Pre conception, IVF support, Conception, Gestational diabetes, Post partum

Hormone imbalance

Period pain, PMS, PMDD, Irregular cycles

Gut health

IBS / SIBO Crohn’s disease, Constipation, Bloating, Microbiome


Insulin resistance

Chronic fatigue

High / low cortisol levels

Thyroid dysfunction

Hyper / hypo, Hashimotos


Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema

Autoimmune disease

Endometriosis + PCOS

we focus on unique and individualised science-based nutrition alongside personal development and education within the field of woman’s health.

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Having two young children I had found myself in a bit of a rut with eating for convenience and was lacking energy, confidence, and patience!  In a little over 9 weeks of working with Sam I have noticed a significant change in my energy levels - I no longer hit the 3pm slump each day. My moods have improved, and I feel I have better mental clarity - no more brain fog. I never go hungry, and I love the different foods and flavour combinations I have been introduced to. I am thoroughly enjoying the vegetarian based plan and can honestly say I don't feel I'm missing out by not eating meat. It's long been a thought in the back of my mind on how to cut down my animal consumption and this has made it possible. Sam is passionate, knowledgeable and so encouraging. It's overall been an awesome experience so far on this plan and I'm excited to see what else I can continue to achieve!

— Chloe Walker