Full Health Analysis + Treatment Plan (3 parts)

In Part One (60 minutes), we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your current diet and lifestyle, discussing persistent symptoms like acne, anxiety, low libido, and more. We aim to uncover underlying health issues and their connections to diet, stress, hormones, sleep, and environment.

Part Two offers a detailed health analysis and a tailored treatment plan, including dietary and lifestyle adjustments and the option for practitioner-grade supplements. Recommendations for additional testing, if needed, will also be provided.

In Part Three (30-45 minutes), we review your health presentation, address your questions, and work together to ensure your treatment plan aligns with your lifestyle and dietary preferences. We monitor your progress, track symptoms, and make any necessary refinements to ensure the plan works effectively for you.

You will receive an email after your purchase with a link to book your consult date and time. Please keep an eye on your junk mail in case!

$495.00 NZD